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Julia Ashley (NP)

I joined Mensa in 1985 and am now a Life Member. I am an Ohio University alumna with a B.S. in Cartography. As project assistant for engineers and architects, I have gained skills in conveying complex issues completely and concisely. I am intuitive and respect deadlines.
I have held office in the Columbus Area Mensa as Local Scholarship Chair, LocSec, and RG Chair, and on the RG committee as Program Chair, Registrar and sometimes speaker. In 2007, I requested and received licensing from AML for the sale of Atlantis Chapter buttons for the purpose of scholarship fundraising. For many years I coordinated Mensa recruiting booth space at a large sci-fi convention (Marcon) and an international gaming fair (Origins). Currently, I am the Region 3 Scholarship Chair and the Program Chair for the 2015 AG in Louisville, KY.
This is a year of much change. Only two of the ten current RVCs on the AMC are running unopposed. One other current RVC has an opponent, so we will have seven or eight new members on the Board. Vote as you wish and keep in touch with the new RVC. It is difficult enough to please everyone who has an issue or concern; it is much harder to serve the silent Mensans who do not express themselves.
There is much support for improving Mensa presence in social media. Whether you are web-challenged or scheduled for a permanent USB implant, let us know your expectations and how you wish to help. Some of us are drawn to gathering in person and others prefer e-lives. This is a good time to consider how we can serve both without neglecting the other.
I have had input from one event planner that wants a resource sharing venue. Another member commented that we could be better at simply thanking those who complete their volunteer term(s). My personal project is encouraging planners to not overestimate the volunteer base and for non-volunteers to be aware of any volunteer shortage. Opportunities to be involved are everywhere, but I resist the notion that volunteering can be disguised as obligation. There are both easy and challenging projects ahead.
I am prepared to assist as well as lead. I have the experience to work well with others and on my own, to communicate, to mentor, and to provide resources for willing volunteers. I recognize passion in those who disagree and I strive for respect amongst differences in style, opinion and demeanor when possible.
There is a poem called “Warning” by Jenny Joseph that states, “When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple with a red hat that doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me.” I’m not so old, but I do like purple. If elected, my red hat will be a hard hat and I will be prepared to work. I can be convinced to share it when others need the hard hat.
I look forward to working for you, as well as working with you.


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