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The Newsletter of Western Michigan Mensa


Welcome to the online version of Nova, the newsletter of Western Michigan Mensa.

Nova is now featuring a more cosmopolitan attitude.  We seek opinions on all sides of the issue.  We feel that Mensans are mature enough and logical enough to read opinions that they might not agree with.  We will make every attempt to present as many different views as possible on a particular issue.

Nova is also a means for members of Western Michigan Mensa to get to know each other better.  We are now featuring one or more profiles of WMM members each month.

Most of all, we would like Nova to be about our members and to give them an outlet for their creative activities, whether it be photography, prose, poetry,  telling us about your life and your hobbies, or expressing your views on a subject, controversial or not. Or simply tell us what it is like to be a Mensan in your world and how it affects your beliefs and attitudes.

We will be covering matters that pertain to people of higher intelligence, such as new research or new findings on gifted children (and adults). 

If you are not yet a member of Mensa, we encourage you to make an application to become a member today.

Thank you for checking out our web site.  We hope you enjoy our offering.

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